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Weber on Brexit

EU and UK negotiating teams have reached an agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, known as ‘Brexit’, ahead of the 31 October...

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Brexit countdown, Brazil forest fires, beating cancer

European parliamentarians have approved a new Brexit resolution, backed by the EPP Group, which...

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Brexit superhero? Let’s be serious, says EPP Group

EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber calls for more seriousness, after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson...

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New Commission with EPP in key roles for Europe’s future

“The new European Commission proposed today has strong EPP presence in key positions...

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European Parliament elects five EPP Group VPs

As the European Parliament elected its leadership for the new five-year term, five EPP Group MEPs were chosen...

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Tax fairness to fight the bad guys, reward the good guys

Spurred by revelations of tax evasion and avoidance, the EPP Group has pressed for greater...

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Ambitious Europe

During the European Parliament's latest term, the EPP Group has been hard at work to make a better Europe: in securing EU borders, boosting job...

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