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Position Paper on the Mediterranean

Stability in the Mediterranean region means stability for Europe The EU Global Strategy and the review of the European...

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Position Paper on a modern social Europe

Our values, principles and vision Our views on society and the economy are based on our Christian values and on the...

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Position Paper on Copyright

The EPP Group has always defended a balanced approach on copyright and considers that it is the only way to ensure the interest of both...

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EPP Group Position Paper on Data Protection

Digitalisation is changing our lives faster than any other technical revolution has done before. It affects our...

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Position Paper on Migration

Any approach to migration must be holistic. Every aspect must be considered as part of an all-encompassing strategy with the principle of...

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Our Anti-Terrorism Pact

Preventing radicalisation and intensifying the de-radicalisation process The question of how to de-radicalise and integrate disaffected...

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