12-04-12 Cdp on the roundtable on Generational Renewal in Agriculture, Zver - -- 12-04-12 Cdp Generational Renewal in Agriculture 04.JPG

Press Conference on the roundtable on Generational Renewal in Agriculture - putting the spring back in young farmers' steps

l-r: Milan Zver MEP, Head of the Slovenian Delegation of the EPP Group in the European Parliamen, Joris Baecke, President, European Council of Young Farmers, Albert Dess MEP (Germany), EPP Group Coordinator in the Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, and Patrick Schifflers, President of the Belgian Federation of Meat & Board Member of the Young European Meat Committee (YEMCO) of UECBV, the European Livestock and Meat-Trading Union


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