The European Parliament adopted a Report today on the EU's Internal Security Strategy with a large majority. Ágnes Hankiss MEP, EPP Group Shadow Rapporteur, welcomed the balanced and proportionate Report: "The adoption of this Report is an important step in the enhanced fight against terrorism and will provide effective tools against different types of organised crime. The Report also intends to enhance the cooperation between public and private stakeholders and proposes to harmonise best Member State practises", said the Hungarian MEP.

The Internal Security Strategy is a key component of the effective fight against different types of crimes. The Report aims to reiterate the enhancement of EU police and judicial cooperation, including through Europol and Eurojust, as it is critical to a proper internal security strategy. The competent authorities in the Member States as well as the EU Institutions and Agencies should also be involved in this process. The strategy focuses on the manifold tools needed to fight international organised crime, for instance the mafia-type or white-collar crimes, and moreover, the fight against money-laundering.

"Strengthening the EU's counter-terrorism policy is equally important and involves the need for a common threat assessment system. The exchange of Member State practices is of key necessity in order to safeguard the security of critical infrastructures. These critical infrastructures need to be properly defined as soon as possible", said Ms Hankiss.

The Hungarian MEP also underlined that the cooperation between the private and public, as well as the civilian and military sectors in the EU, were inevitable for safeguarding cyber security: "This need is well reflected in the establishment of the Cybercrime Centre. In addition, defence of the borders and prevention/management of natural and man-made disasters require concerted action", emphasised the Shadow Rapporteur. According to her, the EPP Group needs to head the call for extended and proportionate budgetary resources in the field of internal security.

Ágnes Hankiss highlighted the exceptionally constructive attitude of the S&D Rapporteur: "Our successful compromises prove that we can find the common denominator and can overcome political differences if we deal with internal security with expertise rather than prejudice", concluded Ágnes Hankiss.



The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 270 Members and 3 Croatian Observer Members.

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