The EPP Group has welcomed that the first part of the official investigation into the voting fraud concerning Marine La Pen MEP has now been concluded. The President of the European Parliament announced the imposition of sanctions on Marcel De Graaff MEP, Co-Chair of the Group of Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), who voted for Marine Le Pen using her voting card after she had left the plenary.

According to the European Parliament's democratic rules and procedures, the right to vote is individual and there is an individual responsibility for each vote.

"It seems like the ENF Group and the Front National, both chaired by Marine Le Pen, do not care much about these democratic rules", said Anna Maria Corazza Bildt MEP who first denounced the voting fraud during the October plenary.

"Mr De Graaff has been sanctioned but the scandal is not over. They have only disclosed part of the truth by putting all of the guilt on Mr De Graaff. We know, because he has told me personally and he was seen by several MEPs, that Nicolas Bay MEP, Secretary-General of the Front National, has also voted on Mrs Le Pen's behalf. We therefore expect the official investigations to continue and that the whole truth will be revealed to citizens regarding the fraudulent vote, also that of Nicolas Bay. We call on the European Parliament to fully assess the political responsibility of Marine Le Pen as Chair of the ENF Group and the co-responsibility of her party, the Front National", concluded Corazza Bildt.


The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 216 Members from 27 Member States

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