Digital merger of multimodal transports connects Europe

The EPP Group is striving to introduce one ticket or travel card for all modes of transport in the EU. "Passengers want a more simple and uncomplicated way to plan and carry out journeys", said Dieter-Lebrecht Koch MEP during the debate in the European Parliament today. Koch is the Rapporteur on multimodal integrated ticketing and Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism.

Passengers want a more simple and uncomplicated way to plan and carry out journeys Dieter-Lebrecht Koch MEP

Today, EU citizens can only get transport information at regional or national level. Therefore travelling through Europe is often an expensive and complicated affair, especially when the passenger has to use several transport modes like the train or bus. "This is the point at which we want to start with the new system. This is the only chance to shift at least one part of the increasing burden on public transport and to ensure more sustainable, efficient and competitive door-to-door-mobility in Europe", explained Koch.

In order to create the necessary framework, the Report provides the widest possible range of choices: "Journeys already begin at the doorstep and not at the airport or train station! Public transport, car pooling, Park and Ride systems and bicycle rental stations are just a few examples that we have to take into account for the development of EU-wide multimodal travel information, journey planning and ticketing services. This is the only way we can offer an all-inclusive package for tourism. Service providers and the digital industry in particular are now in demand. Innovative systems for the introduction of cross-border information in real time are urgently needed in order to adapt the routes ad hoc in case of traffic problems", continued Koch.

User-friendly travelling means that citizens can decide for themselves whether to reach their destination in a sustainable, inexpensive or fast-as-possible manner. The infrastructure requirements are mostly in place. Now the European Commission has been asked to put forward a package of legislative proposals which will allow EU travellers to soon have access to a full repertoire of travel deals, no matter what, and how many different modes of transport they choose.


The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 218 Members from 27 Member States

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