“It is a missing link in the EU’s tools for security and development. In some developing countries, we currently deploy missions which form or provide training for the military in these countries which don’t have the possibility or legal or financial tools to bring appropriate, non-lethal, civilian equipment to those forces, enabling them to sustain the operations which are necessary for development”, said Arnaud Danjean MEP, commenting on the Parliament’s vote establishing the Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace.

With this instrument, the EU will be able to finance training and non-lethal equipment for third-country military forces. In countries where the security situation is precarious, the military is essential for stabilising areas by helping to restore security and reinstate public administration and basic services, thus also ensuring the protection of development actors working in the field.

“We are dealing here with assistance in countries like Mali, Somalia, Niger, Central African Republic and many others, where unfortunately, development isn’t possible without the involvement of the armed forces”, explained Arnaud Danjean. “We will finance civilian equipment for the armed forces. In reality, this means that we will finance hospitals or communication systems. Is this military equipment? Of course not. Is it useful for civilians? Of course it is. This is what the instrument is about”, he concluded.


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