Consumers can make a better choice of tyres in the future

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Tyre label

“Updating the tyre label is important as it allows consumers to make informed choices while at the same time contributing towards safer and cleaner road transport”, said Henna Virkkunen MEP, the European Parliament’s Chief Negotiator, ahead of the approval in the Industry Committee of the result of the negotiations with the EU Member States on the new rule for the labelling of tyres.

“Information on tyre fuel efficiency helps to cut emissions as tyres account for as much as 20-30% of the vehicle’s fuel consumption”, Henna Virkkunen said.

In addition, the problem of micro plastics released from the tyres as they wear down will be addressed in the future.

“The abrasion of tyres and the release of micro plastics into the environment will be included on the label as soon as possible, once reliable testing methods and standards become available”, she concluded.

The Regulation also greatly improves road safety, especially from the perspective of countries with snow, as snow and ice grip logos will be included on the label for the first time.

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