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Venezuela: EU must disregard 6 December electoral farce

The EPP Group does not recognise the electoral farce which took place in Venezuela on 6 December...

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EPP Group calls for revision of sanctions against Russia

The EPP Group strongly condemns the arrest of Alexei Navalny upon his return to Moscow...

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Brexit deal: better late than never

"We are relieved to know that the EU and the UK have finally managed to agree in principle on our future trade relationship....

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Chinese officials must be sanctioned for human rights abuses

The EPP Group calls on the EU Member States to implement effective control mechanisms in...

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EPP Group condemns threats against Andrea Bocskor

The EPP Group condemns recent threats against Andrea Bocskor MEP. "We would like to express solidarity...

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Support the main drivers of our economies: SMEs

"European SMEs are the backbone of our economies and we remain committed to keeping them at the very top of...

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EPP Group welcomes EU Magnitsky Act

An easier and faster procedure for joint EU sanctions against human rights abuses, the so-called European Magnitsky Act, was...

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EPP Group wants Lukashenka brought to international justice

“The EPP Group strongly condemns the human rights violations and brutality of Aleksandr L...

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