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EU must vigorously defend Cyprus and Greece

The EU and its Member States must vigorously defend Cyprus and Greece against Turkish aggression, if needed, by...

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Put the boxing gloves on when trade is at stake

“We need tools that guarantee our strategic autonomy against Chinese unfair competition or President...

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EPP Group puts Turkish aggression on EP agenda

Left Groups S&D and GUE block Resolution from European Parliament as tensions continue to increase On...

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Protect European companies from hostile Chinese takeovers

The European Commission will present a discussion paper today on ways in which the EU can...

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We will not approve EU-UK deal at any cost

"The EPP Group wants close cooperation with the UK and a comprehensive agreement on the future relationship....

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Better electoral system urgently needed in Albania

“The EPP Group welcomes the electoral reform political agreement reached in Albania. We insist...

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Fight disinformation to protect lives and democracy

“The EPP Group welcomes the plans to step up European efforts to counter disinformation, in...

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Boris Johnson, it’s time to move forward

"We would like to congratulate Michel Barnier who has done a tremendous job in trying to reach an agreement....

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