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We need legal certainty for EU-US data transfers

The European Court of Justice ruled today that certain data transfers from the EU to the US are illegal...

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No sanctuary for organised crime’s dirty money

ʺEurope must be better equipped to fight criminal networks and their attempts to launder their ill-gotten...

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Nurses nominated for European Citizen's Prize

The EPP Group is nominating European nurses for the prestigious European Citizen’s Prize 2020. “We...

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Parliament must debate child sexual abuse next week

“Child sexual abuse and exploitation is on the rise globally. Europol has reported a 106%...

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Help for Roma is help for Europe

The EPP Group calls for a fresh start of Roma integration policies in Europe and will present a policy paper today. Amongst others,...

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Council must accept compromise on class action law

The EPP Group in the European Parliament is warning against the failure of today's negotiations on a...

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Better electoral system urgently needed in Albania

“The EPP Group welcomes the electoral reform political agreement reached in Albania. We insist...

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Fight disinformation to protect lives and democracy

“The EPP Group welcomes the plans to step up European efforts to counter disinformation, in...

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