Enjoying fundamental rights and respecting the rule of law

We want an EU where citizens enjoy their fundamental rights and where the rule of law is fully respected. Our Working Group on Legal and Home Affairs is focusing on making this happen. It also deals with other major issues such as migration, civil liberties, gender equality and educational, constitutional and legal matters.

Our Group has made extraordinary progress in a number of areas, from securing our borders so Europeans continue to enjoy the four freedoms, to fighting terrorism and fraud, and increasing protection for victims. We pushed for the creation of a European Border and Coast Guard (Frontex), championed electronic checks of all citizens crossing Europe’s external borders, fought for airlines to disclose records of passengers flying into Europe, updated the continent-wide legal framework on terrorism and put an end to elaborate terrorist financing.

Today we are working towards a common European approach on immigration and asylum policy. And with economic growth requiring a legal framework that ensures effective protection of intellectual property rights online as well as offline, the protection of intellectual property rights in the digital era is also high on our agenda.

Committees in this working group

Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs is responsible for the protection within the territory of...

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Constitutional Affairs

The main responsibilities of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs are the institutional aspects of the European integration process, the...

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Culture and Education

The Committee on Culture and Education is responsible for improving the knowledge and dissemination of culture, safeguarding cultural heritage and...

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Legal Affairs

The Committee on Legal Affairs is responsible for the interpretation and application of European law and compliance of European Union acts with primary law. It...

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The Committee on Petitions is responsible for processing petitions and for relations with the European Ombudsman.

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Over the last few years, European citizens have been seriously affected by terrorism. While some terror threats were prevented, a number of attacks committed...

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Women's Rights and Gender Equality

The Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality is responsible for the definition, promotion and protection of women'...

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Marek Evison
Marek Evison

Head of Legal and Home Affairs Working Group

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