Looking beyond Europe’s boundaries

Our Working Group on External Policies influences the European Union's foreign and security policy. It prepares reports on how European funds are spent and supports the European Parliament in decisions about international agreements. It has led EU efforts in securing the EU’s external borders, pushing for and actively working towards the creation of a European Defence Union and visa liberalisation. The Western Balkans are also a priority for us. We want to bring them into the EU fold through encouraging reforms to ensure the rule of law, fight corruption and to ensure an independent judicial system.

Committees in this Working Group


Influencing EU development aid On a practical note, this committee is responsible for deciding the budget for EU aid spending, and monitoring the European...

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Foreign Affairs

Strengthening relationships with third countries The committee closely scrutinises issues around human rights in third countries, influences how agencies...

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Foreign Interference & disinformation

Fight against interference and disinformation Fake news and propaganda campaigns can destabilise European democracy....

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Human Rights

Putting human rights at the forefront of policy The European Union is committed to supporting democracy and human rights in its external relations, in harmony...

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International Trade

A trade policy with a conscience The Lisbon Treaty gives the European Parliament (EP) a decisive role in defining the EU's trade policy,...

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Security and Defence

Maintaining stability in the EU neighbourhood In practical terms, this committee assists the Committee on Foreign Affairs on issues around the...

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Juan Salafranca
Juan Salafranca

Deputy Secretary-General and Director, External Policies - Policy Adviser for Central America, Andean Community, Mercosur, Mexico and Chile and EuroLat Delegations

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