Following continued revelations over the last 5 years (LuxLeaks, the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers), the European Parliament decided to establish several Special Committees and Inquiry Committees to look into company tax evasion, unfair state tax practices and money laundering. This new Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (TAX3) was set up on 1 March 2018 and is a continuation of the previous committees’ work.

Fairness in tax competition is one of the EPP Group’s priorities. This is important not only within Europe, but also on a global level. In the last few years, the European Parliament has been pushing for more joint European measures to tackle the problems that have been revealed. Unfortunately, many EU Member States are reluctant.

The TAX3 Committee has a twelve-month mandate. At the end of this period, it will submit a report with findings and recommendations. The EPP Group wants the Committee to send clear and strong messages to our citizens and businesses that Europe needs to do more to fight tax crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance.

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