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Erasmus+: EPP Group proposes concrete steps for programme

Today, the European Parliament’s (EP) Culture and Education Committee presented its...

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Dr. Zver o prihodnosti evropskih izobraževalnih sistemov

Bruselj, 21. junij 2017 (SDS/ELS) - Danes je odbor za kulturo in izobraževanje v Evropskem ...

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Happy Birthday, Erasmus: a European success project turns 30

The Dutch humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam is not well known although he is the eponym of...

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Digital literacy - a vision for young Europeans

Today more than 4.5 million young people are unemployed in the EU, with peaks of more than 40% in some...

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EU 2030: rethinking our common priorities

Europe is going through a difficult period and it does not take much to understand that political realities could...

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Strong intercultural dialogue would lead to more peace

Following the visit of spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to the European Parliament on 21...

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EPP Group urges Slovenia to appoint an experienced woman

EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber made an appeal today to the Slovenian Government to designate...

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New digital opportunities to ensure high quality education

The European Parliament has adopted a Report on new technologies and open educational...

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