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No artificial, virtual shift of taxation to other countries

“Corporate taxes have to be paid where the economic activity takes place. No artificial, v...

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China, step up the fight against climate change!

The EPP Group is in favour of ambitious global climate policy, where other countries such as China make...

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20 billion EUR to take on global challenges

“The EPP Group fought tooth and nail for €20 billion in public-private partnerships to tackle global challenges. We ...

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Manfred Weber re-elected as EPP Group Chairman

Manfred Weber MEP was re-elected this morning with an overwhelming majority as Chairman of the EPP Group in...

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We urge Hungary to join OECD deal on minimum taxation

“Ireland and Estonia sent a clear message yesterday: the time has come to effectively end a...

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Still lots to be done to close Pandora's fiscal box

"The Pandora Papers show once more that the fight against tax havens and letter box companies is only...

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EU Budget 2022: more money for post-pandemic recovery

“The European budget for next year will affect every region, every sector and every generation in E...

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A new push for European democracy

Globalisation and the digital revolution are the new context in which democracies move and it is in this reality that they have...

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Don't turn 'Next Generation' into 'No Generation'

“The European Commission must urgently comply with its legal commitments. If the Commission does not r...

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