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Sakharov Prize for Oleg Sentsov

“The EPP Group proposed Oleg Sentsov for the Sakharov Prize. We are extremely happy to see him free at last and here in person...

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Russia can’t be considered as a strategic partner

“Today, five years after the occupation of Crimea, we stress that there is no return to business...

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EPP Group discusses populist trend in Europe

An EPP Group conference on ‘The perverse charm of populism’ with European experts and academics will...

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Strengthen sanctions if Russia’s illegal actions continue

The full implementation of the Minsk Agreements and the broader respect of international...

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EPP Group wants €6.5 billion for SMEs and Single Market

For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, MEPs want €6.5 billion allocated through the...

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Oleg Sentsov deserves Sakharov Prize

The Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov has become the first European Sakharov Prize Laureate in ten years, since Memorial...

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Affordable and clean energy is well underway

”We are on the right track to providing affordable, clean and secure energy for consumers and businesses...

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Judicial power must be impartial and independent

Sandra Kalniete MEP, Chairwoman of the EPP Group Working Group on Foreign Affairs, and Cristian Preda MEP,...

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Crucial moment for Skopje

Sandra Kalniete Chair of the EPP Working Group on Foreign Affairs, Andrey Kovatchev, EPP Vice-Chair for Enlargement and Mediterranean Policy...

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