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EPP Group calls on EU to not recognise Russian elections

The EPP Group has called on the EU to not recognise the elections in Russia. “What went on in R...

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Alexei Navalny EPP Group’s candidate for Sakharov Prize

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is the EPP Group’s candidate for this year’s Sak...

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Time to stop being a toothless tiger

The world around is becoming more and more fragile. The goal for a stronger EU should be obvious - and this concept is not...

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30th anniversary of the 1991 Soviet coup d'état

Thirty years ago today, the short-lived coup d'état attempt happened throughout the Soviet Union (USSR) ...

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EU needs urgently debate the situation in Afghanistan

“The EU ministers of Foreign Affairs need to undertake during their meeting tomorrow an urgent d...

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Lukashenko’s regime will fall 

Statement by Manfred Weber MEP, Sandra Kalniete MEP and Andrius Kubilius MEP ahead of the first anniversary of the...

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Cool down attempts to resume business as usual with Putin

“EU leaders were right to cool down attempts to resume business as usual with Vladimir Putin”, st...

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Tell Putin we will double help for Russian opposition

“Five EU Member States share a border with two aggressive dictatorships - Belarus and Russia. P...

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EPP Group calls for International Tribunal for Lukashenko

The EPP Group supports the proposal of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to initiate an international...

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