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Manfred Weber re-elected as EPP Group Chairman

Manfred Weber MEP was re-elected this morning with an overwhelming majority as Chairman of the EPP Group in...

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EPP Group calls on EU to not recognise Russian elections

The EPP Group has called on the EU to not recognise the elections in Russia. “What went on in R...

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EU must be ready to not recognise Russian Duma elections

“We need an overhaul of Europe's policy vis-à-vis Russia. We must deter Russian threats, co...

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Lukashenko’s regime will fall 

Statement by Manfred Weber MEP, Sandra Kalniete MEP and Andrius Kubilius MEP ahead of the first anniversary of the...

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Russia can be a democracy

“The EU's strategy towards Russia needs to combine two major objectives: stop the Kremlin’s external aggression and internal repression and, at ...

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Aggression against Lithuania is aggression against the EU

“We strongly condemn Belarusian dictator Lukashenko’s attempts to intimidate the European Uni...

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Cool down attempts to resume business as usual with Putin

“EU leaders were right to cool down attempts to resume business as usual with Vladimir Putin”, st...

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Step up the innovation game now

“It has been a three-year-long process, in which we fought tooth and nail for strong investments in research, for an increase in c...

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End Russian intimidation of Lithuanian judges

“Russia must immediately stop intimidating Lithuanian judges and the EU should establish a mechanism to protect i...

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