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EIN Summer University: the Mediterranean - geopolitics and European integration

The 16th annual Summer University of the European Ideas...

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We deplore Commission delaying EU position on 2030 Agenda

Ahead of the High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF) meeting, the EPP...

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Eritrea: no EU money in the hands of authoritarian regimes

The EPP Group has reiterated its concerns over the development cooperation agreement signed...

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Ukraine: strong parliament is basis for effective democracy

"A strong and efficient parliament is the cornerstone of an effective and well...

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ODA needs to be redesigned through peacebuilding lenses

"Official Development Assistance (ODA) needs to be redesigned through peacebuilding lenses...

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Crimea: Russia must stop occupation

"Russia must stop the discrimination against Crimean Tatars, withdraw from Crimea and allow the Ukraine to re-establish...

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Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine reforms must remain priority

The implementation of reforms as envisaged in the Association Agreements concluded with Georgia,...

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Solidarity goes hand in hand with responsibility

"Growing instability and violence are products of poverty, the absence of the rule of law, corruption...

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EPP Group demands judgement of those responsible for MH17

“We welcome the release of the report by the Dutch Safety Board on the downing of the...

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