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Promote tourism by protecting cultural heritage

Europe's many historic churches, monuments and other cultural heritage should be better promoted to...

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Ebola outbreak - EU needs to take decisive action

The European Union and the international community must do more and act more promptly to stop the...

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Growing a family business with EU help

We believe in people who have great ambitions but do not forget where they come from. People who are not discouraged if...

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Šuica: Mrsiću u čemu je problem?

"Hrvatskoj će biti na raspolaganju 120 milijuna eura za zapošljavanje mladih. Ta cifra se nalazi u nacrtu ...

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EPP Group will vote in favour of Mimica after assurances

"After receiving a letter with additional commitments on three issues, namely his...

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Mimica Hearing: too vague answers demand follow-up

"Neven Mimica has proven to be a serious person but he must catch up with the EP's claim for...

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