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€44 billion to fight root causes of migration

Members of the European Parliament gave the green light today for the European Fund for Sustainable...

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Socialists refuse to earmark development aid for refugees

Socialists and Greens reject measures to use European Development Fund (EDF) more efficiently...

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EPP Group helps job seekers find jobs in other EU countries

European Parliament stresses non-discrimination of workers in other EU countries While...

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Rübig zu Entwicklungszusammenarbeit

EU-Parlament fordert Erhöhung der Entwicklungsfinanzierung Straßburg, 19. Mai 2015 (OTS-PD) Paul Rübig...

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Karas will einfachere, aber effizientere EU-Gesetze

"Nie wieder Ölkännchen-Regulierungen" / Karas präsentiert "Elf Punkte...

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ECB books must not become risk depot

EPP Group questions Mario Draghi on ECB monetary policy The EPP Group will today question the President of the European...

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