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Soured loans: don't leave problem for next generation

EPP Group wants to improve overall health of EU's banking sector In a couple of weeks,...

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European Parliament secures competitiveness of EU airlines

The European Parliament will today adopt rules against unfair competition in air transport....

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2020 EU Budget priorities: a prosperous and secure Europe

“The EPP Group wants a prosperous and secure Europe. With this goal in mind, our...

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Our commitment to a strong Europe

The EPP family has shaped the story of European integration. Today, when Europe is again faced with challenges, we continue to honour that legacy by remaining true to our convictions: a united Europe based on the values of human dignity, freedom, human rights, rule of law, solidarity and subsidiarity.

We stand for a self-confident Europe, a Europe proud of all its Member States, regardless of their location or size. We propose an ambitious Europe that protects people, preserves our values, creates opportunities and empowers citizens.

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Budget, agriculture & regional funding

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Legal & home affairs

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Economy, jobs & the environment

The week ahead


Fighting online terrorist content

The traditional ways of terrorism and radicalisation have now developed online. Therefore, our legislation should adapt to...

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European Council Summit - crunch time for Brexit

Heads of State or Government of the Member States will gather at a Europen Council Summit in Brussels next...

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