Building a competitive and future-oriented Europe

Our Working Group for Budget and Structural Policies is working for a budget with which Europe will become more competitive and future-oriented, promoting effective and efficient use of taxpayers’ money to bring the best results for EU money. The EPP Group has successfully pushed for simpler financial and administrative rules to ease the burden of farmers, SMEs, local and regional authorities and all others who benefit from EU financing.

We have consistently supported SMEs in any legislation that affects them, particularly in budgetary allocations. And thanks to a change in rules, European farmers will be able to access EU financing more easily. Our MEPs supported measures to stop honey adulteration and we backed a framework of rules enabling sustainable fishing in the North Sea.


Бюджетен контрол

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Европейският парламент е едно от двете подразделения на бюджетния орган на...

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Земеделие и развитие на селските райони

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Регионално развитие

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Рибно стопанство

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