Curriculum Vitae

Born on 31 July 1979 in Quedlinburg, Germany. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Clausthal with a degree in industrial engineering, he was employed by Eckold GmbH & Co KG where he was promoted to the position of sales manager in 2012.

Political career: he has been a member of the CDU and JU since 1997. In 1998, he became a member of his local city council in Heteborn and later a member of the county council of Quedinburg. As of 2006, he was Chairman of the JU in the State of Sachsen-Anhalt and also on the board of the CDU in Sachsen-Anhalt. He is also a member of the CDU association dealing with Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and economic issues.

MEP since May 2014.