Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1942. Saarbruecken (Saarland). Former headmistress. Local and town councillor, 1969-1976. Member of the Bundestag, 1974-1983 and 1985-1989. Former member, Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe and Western European Union (WEU). Chairwoman, Delegation for South-Eastern Europe, 1994 - 2009. President, Women in the EPP. Member of the Bureau of the European People's Party. Member, ZDF television council. Chair, Foundation for German-French cultural cooperation. Chair, European Children's and Young People's Book Fair. Vice-Chair, Otzenhausen European Academy. President, Saarland Adult Education Foundation. Vice-Chair, European Movement, Saar. Vice-Chair, German Association of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) for cultural co-operation in Europe. Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Business College VERN Zagreb. Honorary Doctorate:University of Zadar 2007University of Prishtina 2010. MEP since 1989.