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Debating the migrant crisis, EPP Group MEPs called on EU Member States to find common ground to care for refugees and strengthen border security. They debated newly-proposed measures to crack down on corporate tax avoidance. They also debated a new law on clinical testing following a fatal incident in France.


Ioannis Zografos
Managing producer EPP TV


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Plenary News

A summary of the debates and major pieces of legislation adopted at the European Parliament plenary sessions. Published on the last day of the session.
Migrants and EU borders, corporate tax crackdown, new drug testing law
Debating the migrant crisis, EPP Group MEPs called on EU Member States to find common ground to care for refugees and strengthen border security....

People First

A monthly programme focusing on how legislation affects European citizens with a new guest each time answering questions from the public on a particular area of EU policy.
New anti-terror measures and data protection strike a balance
New EU legislation will allow Member States to exchange information on airline passenger records and will ensure data privacy, striking a balance...

Success Stories

A series of short documentaries on important legislation and policy issues which have been debated and implemented by Parliament during its current legislative term.
EU Citizenship: People's Rights
Part II of this Success Story investigates how the EU aims to further progress people's rights, whether it be through its Common Immigration and...

Event of the Week

Everything you need to know about the important news stories in the European Parliament each week, including interviews with the people behind them.
Unshackling Europe’s Single Market; defending Schengen's open borders
At a European Parliament hearing, MEPs joined with businesses and consumers to support legislation calling for concrete actions to boost Europe...

In Focus

A 90-second look at the main issues for the week ahead in European Union current affairs.

EU to crack down on money-laundering
The European Parliament is to vote on a new Directive against money-laundering as a means of catching or impeding organised criminals and terrorists...

On the spot

Quick and on-the-spot reactions from MEPs and other experts to news and events from both inside and outside the European Parliament.
EU-UK relations: positive steps but still some need for discussion
European Council President Donald Tusk's proposals to reform the EU and prevent a Brexit are a good basis for negotiation, says EPP Group...


Documentaries on events that have marked the history of the EU and European integration, including interviews with those figures central to their making.
How the EPP Group works for you in the European Parliament
A presentation of how the EPP Group works in Parliament, by going through the legislative process step-by-step. MEP Lara Comi and the EPP TV team...