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During the latest plenary session, MEPs debated EU trade relations, how to tackle migration and new civil aviation safety rules. The EPP Group called on EU governments to respond to the US move to raise tariffs on steel and aluminium by imposing retaliatory tariffs. The EPP Group also urged the EU to speed up trade negotiations with other partners. The EPP Group expressed its ideas for short, medium and long-term actions to tackle the migration issue. And MEPs voted to update EU rules to improve airline safety, including a proposal that will make it possible to download flight recorder data to the ground immediately when an aircraft is in distress.


Ioannis Zografos
Managing producer EPP TV; Communications Strategy

Plenary News

A summary of the debates and major pieces of legislation adopted at the European Parliament plenary sessions. Published on the last day of the session.
EU trade relations, tackling migration, civil aviation safety
During the latest plenary session, MEPs debated EU trade relations, how to tackle migration and new civil aviation safety rules. The EPP Group...

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