Epp TV

Europe’s proposed Energy Union would link the EU 28 in an energy grid to better distribute renewable power. In the People First Programme, Krišjānis Kariņš discusses how to help consumers reduce their dependence, and what Europe’s future energy mix should include.

Plenary News

A summary of the debates and major pieces of legislation adopted at the European Parliament plenary sessions. Published on the last day of the session.
European Parliament plenary round-up: Anti-terror debate sharpens; visiting Russian parliamentary leader assailed over Ukraine aggression; EU road safety bill passes
European Parliament approves anti-terror measures ahead of EU summit; MEPs spar with international affairs head of Russian Parliament on Ukraine; new...

People First

A monthly programme focusing on how legislation affects European citizens with a new guest each time answering questions from the public on a particular area of EU policy.
Diversify Europe’s energy sources and make renewables more competitive
Europe’s proposed Energy Union would link the EU 28 in an energy grid to better distribute renewable power. In the People First Programme, Kri...

Success Stories

A series of short documentaries on important legislation and policy issues which have been debated and implemented by Parliament during its current legislative term.
EU Citizenship: People's Rights
Part II of this Success Story investigates how the EU aims to further progress people's rights, whether it be through its Common Immigration and...

Event of the Week

Everything you need to know about the important news stories in the European Parliament each week, including interviews with the people behind them.
New measures to fight terrorism while protecting civil liberties, EPP Group says
In the wake of the Paris attacks, the EPP Group proposes measures to coordinate EU anti-terror efforts and preserve the Schengen Area while ensuring...

In Focus

A 90-second look at the main issues for the week ahead in European Union current affairs.

EU Energy Union should move quickly towards energy diversification
The EU urgently needs a common energy policy to reduce dependence on Russia amid the Ukraine crisis. The EPP Group says the Energy Union should also...

On the spot

Quick and on-the-spot reactions from MEPs and other experts to news and events from both inside and outside the European Parliament.
The SME Circle will help entrepreneurs avoid red tape
No new legislation should be passed without being scanned by the ‘red tape watch’. If legislation creates more administrative burdens or...


Documentaries on events that have marked the history of the EU and European integration, including interviews with those figures central to their making.
Wilfried Martens: a life in politics...Images of a life
A short video presentation of Wilfried Martens' life in Belgian and European political scenes. Wilfried Martens a life in politics...Images of a...