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At its latest plenary session, the European Parliament approved spending to strengthen Europe’s defence industry and in turn EU military capacity. It gave the green light for an EU database to screen foreign travellers. It reviewed the six-month Bulgarian Presidency of the EU which oversaw measures that included efforts to secure Europe’s borders while dealing with migrant flows in a humane way. The EP referred a new transport package which tackles abuse, defends drivers and allows distance-based fees that encourages fuel efficiency, back to committee.


Ioannis Zografos
Responsible for Web TV, Adviser on Communications Strategy

Plenary News

A summary of the debates and major pieces of legislation adopted at the European Parliament plenary sessions. Published on the last day of the session.
Common defence, traveller database, Bulgarian Presidency, mobility package
At its latest plenary session, the European Parliament approved spending to strengthen Europe’s defence industry and in turn EU military...

People First

A monthly programme focusing on how legislation affects European citizens with a new guest each time answering questions from the public on a particular area of EU policy.
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Success Stories

A series of short documentaries on important legislation and policy issues which have been debated and implemented by Parliament during its current legislative term.
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Event of the Week

Everything you need to know about the important news stories in the European Parliament each week, including interviews with the people behind them.
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On the spot

Quick and on-the-spot reactions from MEPs and other experts to news and events from both inside and outside the European Parliament.
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Documentaries on events that have marked the history of the EU and European integration, including interviews with those figures central to their making.
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In Focus

A 90-second look at the main issues for the week ahead in European Union current affairs.

EU to crack down on money-laundering
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