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EIN: debating the future of common security and stability in the Mediterranean

European Ideas Network

EIN: debating the future of common security and stability in the Mediterranean

'Common Security and Stability in the Mediterranean Region' is the main subject of the European Ideas Network's (EIN, the EPP Group's think-tank) annual Summer University that will take place in Rome, Italy, on 28-29 September 2017. Paulo Rangel MEP, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group responsible for EIN, said: "We could not have organised our 16th European Ideas Network Summer University in a better place than in Rome, on the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. Over 2 days, we will have a broad range of high-level panels on topics from security and defence to migration, the economy, demography, bioethics and external relations, amonst others. Our gathering in Rome will give EPP Group MEPs enough food for thought to prepare the future." More than 200 key figures will take part in the meeting.

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  • Francisco Correia Da Silva, tel:  +32 470 830 567
  • Manuela Conte, tel:  +32 473 550 699

Setting up the European Public Prosecutor’s Office

Gavel and european union flag

Setting up the European Public Prosecutor’s Office

The proposal to establish a European Public Prosecutor’s Office will be voted on in the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs on Thursday. The new office will be in charge of prosecuting offences affecting the EU budget and the EU's financial interests by combining European and national law enforcement efforts. The EPP Group supports the proposal but regrets that only 20 Member States will participate in the setting-up of the new Union body that will develop an efficient EU-wide system of fighting against financial fraud in the EU.

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  • Hana BAMBASOVÁ, tel:  +32 484 278 754

The Services Package - an alternative to enforcement action?

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The Services Package - an alternative to enforcement action?

Services represent two-thirds of the EU economy already and about 90% of job creation - for around 47 million people (22% of the European labour force). An EPP Group hearing on Wednesday focuses on a set of proposals by the Commission, as part of the 'Services Package' presented in January 2017, on a proportionality test, notification and an E-card. These measures aim at making it easier for companies and professionals to provide services across borders and follow the commitment to unleash the full potential of the Single Market within the Single Market Strategy. EPP Group members, together with stakeholders, will discuss how these proposals could affect the EU services and professions market.

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  • Kaja Sorg, tel:  +32 476 541 013

French fries, crisps: taking account of a cancer risk chemical

French Fries

French fries, crisps: taking account of a cancer risk chemical

Next week on Thursday the Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee will vote on the much-discussed Commission proposal on how to fry French fries. The proposal focuses on a chemical called acrylamide, which is formed when starchy ingredients are cooked above 120°C, in the same chemical process that browns food. The Commission claims that consuming acrylamide can cause cancer and therefore sets limits on the amount of the chemical allowed in foods such as chips, crisps, bread, cereals and even gingerbread men. "The European Commission wants to regulate the colour of the French fries," stressed Elisabeth Köstinger, EPP Group negotiator on this file, adding that the debate surrounding the protection of Europeans' health must not be taken hostage by overregulation by the Commission. "People know themselves not to eat burned fries," concluded Köstinger.

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  • Marta Osojnik, tel:  +32 473 625 868
  • Daniel Köster, tel:  +32 487 384 784

EPP Group debates the situation of NGOs in Poland

Team working on project together

EPP Group debates the situation of NGOs in Poland

On Wednesday, MEPs will have an opportunity to discuss best practice in cooperation between civil society and government with the representatives of more than 50 European NGOs at a public hearing on 'Models of Civil Society'. Initiated and hosted by Michał Boni MEP, the meeting will also be an opportunity for representatives of Polish NGOs to present the situation of the non-governmental sector in Poland, as well as controversial draft legislation on the financing of NGOs currently proceeding through the Polish Parliament. If adopted, the new law will set up a government-controlled agency that will distribute funding to NGOs. It is very likely that the bill will impact the organisations working in civic and cultural education or cooperation with the EU. It will also set up closer scrutiny of the NGOs financed from abroad.

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  • Atilla Agárdi, tel:  +32 475 750 272

Chairman's agenda

EPP Group October I Plenary Briefing

Chairman's agenda

Saturday: Participation in a rally for Sebastian Kurz, top ÖVP candidate for Chancellor, Austria, Vienna

Sunday: Attendance at the CSU Party election night during the German parliamentary elections, Munich

Monday: CSU Party Presidency meeting; EPP Group media reception, Brussels

Tuesday: Meeting with Michel Barnier, EU Chief Negotiator on Brexit; Meeting with a group of Venezuelan judges exiled in the US, Brussels

Wednesday: Closing remarks at the EPP Group conference on 'The Services Package - an alternative to enforcement action?'; Meeting with Johannes-Jörg Riegler, President of the Association of German Public Banks, Brussels

Friday: Opening of the Lower Bavaria expo, Landshut, Germany; Speech at a Lower Bavarian Farmers' event, Landshut, Germany; Intervention at the 'New Horizons 2017' event, Passau, Germany

  • Marion Jeanne, tel:  +32 479 840 293

Press conferences


Press conferences

Friday @11.00 hrs: Pre-session briefing


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