Državljanske svoboščine, pravosodje in notranje zadeve


New money laundering rules also apply to virtual currencies "It will get much tougher to remain unseen when doing shady financial...

Euro Currency: Stacks of 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro notes piled together

Blocking terrorists’ access to financing will be easier with new EU legislation adopted today by the European Parliament’s Committee on...

Giving Schengen databank muscle to secure borders

The European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs approved reports on three pieces of legislation calling for...

Brexit, Turkey, Interrail tickets, EU border Entry-Exit System, posted workers

At the European Parliament’s latest plenary, following the latest round of Brexit talks, MEPs and EU officials discussed preparing for a...


O temi:

Odbor za državljanske svoboščine, pravosodje in notranje zadeve je pristojen za zaščito pravic državljanov, človekovih pravic in temeljnih svoboščin na ozemlju Unije, vključno z zaščito manjšin, kot je določeno v pogodbah in Listini Evropske unije o temeljnih pravicah. Ukvarja se z vprašanji v zvezi z varstvom osebnih podatkov. Ukvarja se tudi s pravili preseljevanja in azila, integriranim upravljanjem skupnih meja ter policijskim in pravosodnim sodelovanjem v kazenskih zadevah.


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14.03.2018 - 16:10

Protection of journalists equals freedom and good governance

Investigative journalists are of crucial value to society as they reveal bad administration, fraud, corruption and other types of mismanagement of taxpayers’ money. Following the brutal...
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07.02.2018 - 15:01

Romanian Socialists won elections, not power over judiciary

The attempts of the Romanian Government to silence the judiciary and favour corruption over justice will be debated by the European Parliament today. It is time for the EU to stand by tens of...
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29.01.2018 - 14:46

Transparency against terror financing and tax evasion

New money laundering rules also apply to virtual currencies "It will get much tougher to remain unseen when doing shady financial transactions. With this decision, Europe's financial...
Courtroom detail
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25.01.2018 - 17:32

We will continue to defend the rule of law in Malta

After today’s debate and remarks by the Maltese Minister of Justice, the need for reforms to protect the rule of law in Malta is evident more than ever. The EPP Group will continue to insist...
Gavel and european union flag
Izjava za javnost
25.01.2018 - 11:44

EU Criminal Records System to log crimes by non-EU nationals

The EU already shares data on EU citizens who have committed crimes. Police and judges, however, lack information on crimes committed by third-country nationals around the EU. Today’s vote in...
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17.01.2018 - 13:28

It’s either an ambitious Europe or no Europe at all

Speaking in plenary today during the debates with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament,...


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