To je pogled nacionalne delegacije in ne odraža nujno uradnega mnenja ELS skupine kot celote.
To je pogled nacionalne delegacije in ne odraža nujno uradnega mnenja ELS skupine kot celote.

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07.12.2016 - 15:53

#DiscoverEU: Gratis Interrail billet til alle der fylder 18

#DiscoverEU: EPP-Gruppen lancerer kampagne for gratis Interrail billet til alle der fylder 18 EPP Gruppen i Europa-Parlamentet har i dag lanceret en kampagne for at samle støtte til et...
Energy facility
15.12.2015 - 13:19

Energy Union: lower prices, increased independence

"We have a clear aim with the Energy Union. It is to strengthen the security of energy supply and increase energy efficiency at an affordable cost", said András Gyürk MEP, the...
Erase Tax
22.09.2015 - 16:47

Tax Avoidance: Member States must act

Balz criticises Danish, Slovenian and Bulgarian governments for lack of collaboration An "urgent need for action on the side of the Member States". This is what Burkhard Balz MEP, EPP...
Russia and Ukraine
16.09.2014 - 13:24

EU-Russia relations: we stand ready for further sanctions

During a debate in the European Parliament on the situation in Ukraine and the state of play in EU-Russia relations, and before the ratification by the European Parliament of the Association...



Antonis Karatzis
28.11.2013 - 13:10

More funding for entrepreneurs will help me create jobs

We believe in people that are dynamic, entrepreneurial, talented, self-motivated and dedicated. People who have bright ideas and are motivated to follow their dream. Success can be found anywhere -...
steel factory
25.09.2013 - 13:00

COSME: helping small businesses to grow and create jobs

Putting everyone to work and making our economies grow are among the main challenges we face in Europe today. It's therefore a welcome development that the Council has now confirmed an agreement...
wallet and money
26.02.2013 - 12:00

Tør øjnene og sæt vækst på EU-budgettet

Læserbrev offentliggjort i Jyllands Posten den 25. februar 2013. Mange af mine kolleger i EuropaParlamentet opfører sig som små børn, der ikke får deres vilje og r...


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  • Member - EPP Group Heads of Na...

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EU flags in front of European Parliament

EPP Group candidate for European Parliament President

The EPP Group will elect its candidate for the post of President of the European Parliament on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday at 10.30 hrs, the EPP...
Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group

Preparation of the European Council meeting 15-16 December

MEPs are set to debate the preparations for the upcoming European Summit of 15-16 December. Chairman Manfred Weber will take the floor on behalf of...
Visa Stamps

Visa-free travel: new suspension mechanism protects EU

The European Parliament will vote to review the visa suspension mechanism which can be applied to all visa-free travel agreements that the EU has...