Poľnohospodárstvo a rozvoj vidieka

Young plant

New rules for a simpler and fairer EU farming policy which will strengthen farmers’ position in a fairer supply chain have been endorsed by the...

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Farmer and businessman examining plant in field

The EPP Group today backed legislation establishing more and better controls and inspections throughout the food chain. The goal is to improve...

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Farmer in a field with combine harvester in the background

Poslanecký klub EĽS v Európskom parlamente je zďaleka najsilnejší obhajca záujmov európskych poľnohospod...

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A fair food chain for all

In school yards and football fields we know what fair play means, but when it comes to business it’s not that easy anymore. How to tackle...

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Výbor pre poľnohospodárstvo a rozvoj vidieka sa zaoberá predovšetkým spoločnou poľnohospodárskou politikou, ale vypracúva tiež právne predpisy o lesnom hospodárstve, veterinárskych a fytosanitárnych otázkach, krmivách pre zvieratá za predpokladu, že tieto predpisy nie sú určené na ochranu proti rizikám pre ľudské zdravie, a o chove a dobrých životných podmienkach hospodárskych zvierat.


Wheat field against the blue sky
tlačová správa
16.05.2018 - 11:51

Europe needs a strong farming policy

"New EU agricultural policy needs adequate funding and new methods to be efficient and sustainable. But let’s not fix it if it’s not broken!", said EPP Group Member Herbert...
Picturesque patchwork quilt farmland aerial view over fields rural villages
tlačová správa
11.04.2018 - 09:56

We reject renationalisation of CAP

“The new CAP must set itself ambitious targets”, says EPP Group MEP Herbert Dorfmann, draftsman of the Parliament’s Report on the Future of Food and Farming. “Increased...
Olive oil
tlačová správa
15.03.2018 - 09:49

Spanish olives under US attack

In January, the US Department of Commerce imposed an unjustified anti-dumping customs duty on Spanish olives of more than 17.13 %, following a countervailing duty established in November 2017 of 4.47...
A bee on a flower
tlačová správa
01.03.2018 - 09:57

Safeguarding European honey production

Determined measures are needed to safeguard European honey production, according to EPP Group MEP Norbert Erdős whose Report on the prospects and challenges of European apiculture is voted today in...
Young plant
tlačová správa
11.12.2017 - 17:54

Omnibus: green light for simplification of CAP reform

New rules for a simpler and fairer EU farming policy which will strengthen farmers’ position in a fairer supply chain have been endorsed by the European Parliament. "Due to a series of...
Two kids with shovel in the field
tlačová správa
29.11.2017 - 17:55

The pillars of CAP must stand firm

“Maintaining the two-pillar structure is essential for the CAP”, said Albert Deß MEP, the EPP Group Spokesman in the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee on ‘The...



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