Parerile exprimate sunt ale delegatiei nationale si uneori nu reflecta pozitia intregului grup.
Parerile exprimate sunt ale delegatiei nationale si uneori nu reflecta pozitia intregului grup.

Comunicate de presă

Young plant
22.11.2017 - 10:10

Omnibus: much-needed adjustments to EU farming policy

The much-needed adjustments of the mid-term reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) through the so-called Omnibus Regulation are on their way: "We have made a necessary breakthrough to...
photo of application icons
21.11.2017 - 10:39

Consumer-friendly rules in the digital environment

MEPs took an important step today towards eliminating the barriers that hinder cross-border on-line trade and defining rules that protect consumers in the digital environment. The Members of the...
21.11.2017 - 10:08

Future of European cinema should not be jeopardised

The European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee will vote today on modifications to the SatCab Directive. A draft Regulation with new rules on the exercise of copyright and related rights for...
Climate change
09.11.2017 - 08:08

CO2 emissions: EU finalises ETS reform

The EU has taken an important step forward in its efforts to achieve the Paris climate goals. Late last night, representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of...


Ultimele stiri

Tax evasion
14.11.2017 - 17:45

Paradise Papers: MEPs call for action on tax haven blacklists

We call for speeding up work on blacklists of tax havens and places used for money laundering. The Paradise Papers leak has shown us yet again the organised, large-scale lack of responsibility of...
Brexit Direction Sign
03.10.2017 - 15:31

Brexit: no talks about future relationships before withdrawal results are obtained

"Unless there is a major breakthrough on the withdrawal results during the fifth negotiation round, the European Council has to postpone the start of negotiation talks on the future relationship...
Intellectual property
05.07.2017 - 11:30

Copyright Directive: EPP Group general line

Article 11 - Publisher’s right The EPP Group has strong concerns that the growth of traditional media in the digital sphere is challenged by some news aggregators and online service...
Smiling man at candy store display
04.04.2017 - 18:15

SME Circle: delivering tangible benefits for Europe's small businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% of all European companies. They are not only important for economic reasons, but also for social ones. Products and services that are...


Deputații tai

  • Membru - Asia de Sud
  • Președinte - Asia de Sud-Est,...
  • Coordinator - Agricultură și d...
  • Membră - Mediu, sănătate publi...
  • Președinte - Afaceri externe

Repere ale saptamanii

LUX Prize 2014


10 Filme, 28 Länder, 1 Preis - Jedes Jahr verleiht das EU-Parlament den LUX-Filmpreis, um die europäische Kino- und Filmkultur zu fö...
Gavel and european union flag

Rechtsstaatlichkeit in Malta und Polen

Im Plenum debattieren die Europaabgeordneten mit Vertretern der Kommission und des Rats die Rechtstaatlichkeit in Malta und Polen. Mitte Oktober kam...
Row of parked cars

Mobilitätspaket: Senkung von CO2-Emissionen

Die EU-Kommission muss ihren Vorschlag für die weitere Senkung der CO2-Emissionsen für Pkw und Transporter bis zum Jahr 2030 einem ersten H...