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Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group

Members of the European Parliament and the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker will hold the annual State of the Union debate on...

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Protect creativity without creating borders

On Tuesday 11 September, members of the European Parliament will hold a debate on the long-awaited copyright reform. The file has returned to the...

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Woman checking food labelling

The European Parliament will vote on Thursday on a Report that will propose measures to solve the problem of quality differences between products...

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young professionals at meeting

The European Parliament will vote on the European Solidarity Corps on Tuesday.  Michaela Šojdrová MEP, the EPP Group Spokeswoman...

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Combines harvesting wheat

Pesticides: science mustn't be guided by politics

In a draft Report released today, the EPP Group insists on a science-based approach towards pesticide authorisation. "We need to further improve the EU authorisation procedure, even though it...

Dual Quality Products: what you see is what you should get

The European Parliament today proposed concrete measures to solve the problem of quality differences between products sold under the same brand and packaging in different EU countries. MEPs adopted...
Business woman working on desk

EPP Group leads EP in protection of independent journalism

The European Parliament stands behind journalists, creators, authors, publishers and legitimate copyright right-holders. This is the outcome of today’s vote on a new Copyright Directive in the...
Euro Currency: Stacks of 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro notes piled together

Stopping terrorists' access to financing

The EPP Group insists on improved controls of cash at Europe's external borders to fight the financing of terrorism and organised crime. The European Parliament today approved new regulations in...

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