Os pontos de vista aqui expressos são opiniões da delegação nacional e nem sempre reflectem as posições do Grupo parlamentar do PPE.
Os pontos de vista aqui expressos são opiniões da delegação nacional e nem sempre reflectem as posições do Grupo parlamentar do PPE.

Comunicados de Imprensa

12.12.2017 - 13:32

EFSI 2.0 will boost sustainable investments in Europe

Today, the European Parliament approved the extension of the European Fund for Strategic Investments, referred to as EFSI 2.0. This extension consists of an increase in the EU guarantee from €16...
Multiethnic Crowd of Men and Women
30.11.2017 - 11:56

EU Budget 2018 to focus on what citizens expect from EU

The European Parliament today approved the 2018 EU budget that will reach €160.1 billion in commitments and €144.7 billion in payments. After long negotiations with the EU Finance...
Flooded house in flood waters
23.11.2017 - 15:09

Better response to and prevention of natural disasters

Today, the European Commission presented its ideas to reinforce Europe's ability to deal with natural disasters. ‘rescEU’ is an EU civil protection response reserve of civil...
two police officers doing a traffic control
06.11.2017 - 14:00

Information on terrorists for law enforcement in all EU

Improvements in the Schengen Information System which will guarantee more security in Europe without internal borders will be voted on today by the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil...


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people at a train station
30.05.2013 - 10:00

The Schengen governance package

In the wake of upheavals in North Africa in 2011, France and Italy faced some difficulties resulting from the arrival of Tunisian migrants on Schengen territory. That same year there was also an...
School of fish
14.05.2013 - 10:45

Patrão Neves acompanha reforma da PCP na reunião do Conselho

A Eurodeputada social-democrata Maria do Céu Patrão Neves tem acompanhado atentamente o desenvolvimento das negociações da proposta de regulamento base da Política...
European Parliament
24.04.2013 - 15:00

Melhorar a organização das eleições europeias para 2014

 Está em discussão na Comissão dos Assuntos Constitucionais o Relatório sobre a melhoria da organização das eleições para o Parlamento...
Through the Andes
10.12.2012 - 09:00

Trade Agreement between the EU and Colombia and Peru

The European Parliament will give its consent this week to a Trade Agreement between the European Union and Colombia and Peru. Negotiations between the EU and the Andean Community for a region-...



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Destaques da semana


European Council conclusions

The Chairman will take the floor during the key debate on the conclusions of the last European Council meeting. On 29 April, the EU Heads of State...

Portability of online content services

MEPs will discuss the agreement with the Council regarding a Regulation on the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal...

Leaking VAT system must be fixed

The Report on the protection of the EU's financial interests (PIF Report) from the year 2015 will be voted on on Tuesday in plenary. Parliament...