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Back lit money bags with euro symbol in vault
12.07.2018 - 10:37

EPP Group wants independent Monetary Fund under Union law

The EPP Group wants the planned European Monetary Fund (EMF) to be independent and integrated into Union law. "The European Stability Mechanism should be turned into a fully-fledged European Monetary Fund, provide for crisis prevention and...
Woman checking food labelling
12.07.2018 - 09:50

Dual quality of products

Products sold under the same brand name must have the same composition throughout the EU - this is the key message from the EPP Group’s Ivan Štefanec MEP, who is the Group’s spokesperson on dual-quality products. The Internal...

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Green field and trees under blue sky
08.03.2012 - 14:45

Tibet: human rights violations

"The human rights situation in Tibet is becoming critical. Since February 2011, twenty-six Tibetans – monks, students, and women – have set themselves on fire in protest of the on-going repressions and denial of the basic rights of...
Airplane landing
07.03.2012 - 15:00

All passenger transport operators must promote EU 112 number

Mathieu Grosch MEP, EPP Group Coordinator in the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament, has called for all passenger carrier companies to actively promote the European emergency number 112. British Airways, Easyjet and other...
07.03.2012 - 13:00

Hungary: rule of law must prevail.

Commenting on the European Commission's announcement to pursue investigations on the issues related to the retirement age of judges and data protection in Hungary, Joseph Daul, Chairman of the EPP Group, said: "The European Union is...
Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain
07.03.2012 - 12:45

EPP Group to meet key figures of new Spanish Government

The EPP Group Bureau will meet on Thursday and Friday with key figures of the new Spanish Government, headed by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, in Palma de Mallorca, where they will also debate the role of SMEs as a motor for growth in Europe, the...
Paper Men
07.03.2012 - 12:30

USSR: EPP Group Conference - Life after the Soviet Union

The EPP Group and the Robert Schuman Foundation hosted a conference today entitled 'Life After the Soviet Union' on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the dissolution of the USSR. For millions of people in Eastern Europe, the USSR's...
token gesture
07.03.2012 - 10:45

Burma: EPP Group leads EP visit with Aung San Suu Kyi.

EPP Group Members of the European Parliament have called for the democratic transformation of Burma to be continued and strengthened, following a meeting with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. During the first interparliamentary meeting with...
European Parliament
06.03.2012 - 12:30

EAN: deepening interparliamentary dialogue is crucial

EPP national and European parliamentarians gather in Brussels to discuss the Stability Treaty, the European Semester and the Arab Spring. "If we want to get back to economic growth and higher employment, it is essential to consolidate...
Hand circling ads in newspaper
06.03.2012 - 12:00

EPP Group calls for measures to help young entrepreneurship

The EPP Group today called on EU governments to support any measures that help young entrepreneurship in a move to fight the unacceptable 21% rate of youth unemployment in the EU. "Our objective has been to openly debate what could be the...
05.03.2012 - 17:15

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Following a fact-finding mission to the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, Members of the European Parliament's Budgetary Control Committee (CONT) have warned of a "lack of sustainability" and "low visibility" of the EU's...
European Flag
04.03.2012 - 17:15

Condolences to victims of deadly train crash in Poland

On the news of the deadly train crash in Szczekociny, southern Poland, the Chairman of the EPP Group, Joseph Daul sent his condolences to the families of the victims: “The train crash of yesterday night near Szczekociny is a horrible...
EU puzzle
02.03.2012 - 16:45

European Council: mixed results.

The European Council of 1 and 2 March brought some good, but also some less good news. Amongst the good news, the signature of the new Treaty on budgetary discipline. "Only two Member States refuse to learn the lessons of the debt crisis...
European Flag
02.03.2012 - 16:45

EPP Group's European Affairs Network meeting

The EPP Group in the European Parliament is holding its Network Meeting of EPP National Parliamentarians responsible for European Affairs and EPP Group Members of the European Parliament on Monday 5 March in Brussels (14.30-18.00 hrs, Room JAN6Q1,...
Euro coins and banknotes
02.03.2012 - 16:45

Depriving Member States of EU funds must be the last resort.

"The Commission's decision sets a precedent, therefore it should act very carefully before turning to the tools of sanctions which can deprive regions of funds that are indispensable for their balanced development", said Lambert Van...
02.03.2012 - 16:30

European Equal Pay Day: a lot more still needs to be done

Edit Bauer MEP and European Parliament Rapporteur on the "Application of the principle of equal pay for male and female workers for equal work or work of equal value" in the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee (FEMM), welcomes...
Business Commuters Walking Along Corridor, Blurred Motion
01.03.2012 - 16:30

Turkey: Civil liberties a central issue in Resolution

Breaches of civil liberties in Turkey are strongly criticised in a Resolution drafted by Ria Oomen-Ruijten MEP and European Parliament Rapporteur on Turkey, which has been adopted today by the Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET). Ria Oomen-Ruijten...



Zimbabweans Await Election Results Following General Election
01.08.2018 - 15:12

Zimbabwe elections: unlevel playing field and lack of trust

Improved political climate, inclusive participation rights and a peaceful vote, but unlevel playing field, intimidation of voters and lack of trust...
16.07.2018 - 18:15


The summer holidays have started! Which EU country are you going to visit this summer? Did you know that your holidays may be less hassle...
Ensuring that consumers have the same quality of product across the EU
12.07.2018 - 12:00

Ensuring that consumers have the same quality of product across the EU

Last year, it emerged that there were differences in the quality of food and non-food products being sold in different EU countries between, for...
Back lit money bags with euro symbol in vault
12.07.2018 - 10:37

EPP Group wants independent Monetary Fund under Union law

The EPP Group wants the planned European Monetary Fund (EMF) to be independent and integrated into Union law. "The European Stability...

Highlights of the week

09.07.2018 - 13.07.2018
Cloud computing security

More muscle to combat threats to our networks

As threats to our vital networks and information structures are rising, we need to strengthen our ability to prevent, detect and respond to problems...
Happy family with child and shopping bags in city

Better work-life balance for parents and carers

On Wednesday afternoon, the Employment and Social Affairs Committee will vote on the legislative draft Report establishing a better work-life balance...
Human Hand Holding The New Apple Tv Siri Remote

New audiovisual media rules

Members of the Culture and Education Committee will endorse the political agreement reached on the reform of the EU legislation on Audiovisual Media...