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'Invest in our citizens' - David Casa MEP

, 07.02.2018 - 16:27
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“Work-Life Balance Directive will play an important role in addressing inequality”, said MEP David Casa who is responsible for work-life balance legislation in the European Parliament.

The Partit Nazzjonalista Head of Delegation spoke during a debate during the European Parliament’s plenary debate in Strasbourg on rising inequality in the EU. 

“The issue of ever existing socio-economic inequalities amongst EU citizens remains persistent, leading us to the realisation that Europe, as a whole, much personally invest in its citizens.” said MEP Casa.

He pointed out that despite the positive trajectory of the EU Member States’ respective economies, the gap between the poor and rich regions in Europe is still widening. “This poses a challenge to us politicians, as the benefits of economic growth do not seem to be trickling down automatically to all the strata of our society.”

David Casa emphasised the importance that policies be devised in such a manner that they yield long-lasting and sustainable economic growth. “Our focus should include policies and investment in infrastructural projects, healthcare and education, aiding especially all those who have suffered the brunt of the financial crisis. We need to work at a multidimensional approach to the achievement of greater inequality and social cohesion.”

Speaking after the plenary session, David Casa highlighted the fact that this phenomenon of economic growth not reaching all citizens is not just a local issue in Malta, but is felt across numerous Member States. “Whilst I support measures that boost job creation and quality employment, there needs to be an increased investment in public education and lifelong learning, particularly to ensure adaptation to digitalisation and permanent technological change in order to keep persons in work and avoid exclusion.”

David Casa is currently the rapporteur on the work-life balance report, and simultaneously leads the EPP Group in EMPL, the committee for Employment and Social Affairs in the European Parliament. Concluding, David Casa stated that if all Member States work together in reaching these goals, the positive ramifications will be felt and enjoyed across the board, resulting in better citizen inclusion and equality.

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