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Energy-saving buildings good for the climate and your wallet

, 11.10.2017 - 10:32
Real Estate Market

"Europeans and their buildings must contribute to a sustainable European energy system. To do so, we must give our citizens the right tools and incentives to make their buildings more energy efficient. It will benefit individual households through lower energy bills and businesses through increased competitiveness. Society as a whole will benefit through a better value of the building stock and lower energy imports to Europe", said Bendt Bendtsen MEP, Rapporteur on the updated rules in the so-called Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, EPBD, after his Report - and thereby the European Parliament’s negotiation position - was adopted in the Industry Committee.

The adoption of the EPBD Report is the first of eight legislative files in the so-called Clean Energy Package, presented in November 2016, to pass a vote in the European Parliament. The package is also an important element in the plans to establish an Energy Union in Europe. "We spend more than 40% of European energy consumption in buildings, so it is obvious that we need a significant contribution from our buildings to become energy efficient in Europe," said Bendtsen.

"We spend more than 40% of European energy consumption in buildings, so it is obvious that we need a significant contribution from our buildings to become energy efficient in Europe." Bendt Bendtsen MEP

He is particular happy with the broad support obtained in the Industry Committee: "Through good cooperation across the political spectrum, we have achieved a solid majority in Parliament to boost energy efficiency renovations. We clearly emphasise the importance of Member States’ commitment and concrete actions in their long-term planning. This includes facilitating access to financial tools, showing investors that energy efficiency renovations are prioritised, and enabling public authorities to invest in well-performing buildings", Bendt Bendtsen said.

The committee also seized the opportunity to advance on other issues related to the renovation of buildings, like support for a healthy indoor climate and safety.

In addition, the revised EPBD also deals with so-called electro-mobility - promoting the transition to electrical-powered vehicles by providing for the dedicated infrastructure by recharging points and pre-cabling.

"The Commission proposed using the Directive as a driver for rolling out infrastructure for electrical cars. I am quite proud that colleagues responded clearly to this initiative by safeguarding the incentives to renovate, keeping the cost of electro-mobility at a reasonable level and limiting the burdens on our smaller households and SMEs", Bendt Bendtsen concluded.

The Industry Committee also gave a mandate to go ahead with negotiations with the Council.

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