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Consumer-friendly rules in the digital environment

, 21.11.2017 - 10:39
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MEPs took an important step today towards eliminating the barriers that hinder cross-border on-line trade and defining rules that protect consumers in the digital environment. The Members of the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee and the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection today jointly adopted the Directive on contracts for the supply of digital content. The new Directive will aim to harmonise the standard set of digital contract law rules on contracts between businesses and consumers.

“I am happy that we managed to find a compromise after a year of discussions. The European legislation will further increase the confidence of European consumers, i.e. when they use internet to buy something from another Member State. And it is another step in achieving the real-functioning Digital Single Market. Different national legislation often prevents cross-border trade. The new Directive will further enhance the consumers’ position when using mobile or other digital applications”, said Axel Voss MEP, EPP Group Spokesman in the Legal Affairs Committee, who is a Co-Rapporteur for the dossier.

Eva Maydell MEP, responsible for the dossier in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee on behalf of the EPP Group, commented: "With the fall of some of the barriers between the national online markets in Europe, the role of consumers has changed dramatically. In addition, the ability for everyone to freely offer products without the restriction of territory and location creates a new planet of opportunities. This is why today's vote is key for enabling consumers to truly benefit from a harmonised set of rules of consumer protection when purchasing digital content or service. The Directive will also provide clarity for traders as to what their responsibilities are. This is essential if we are to advance with the Digital Single Market."

“A harmonised legal framework ensures both a high level of consumer protection and reduced costs for businesses. I am glad that we reached an agreement on this single set of contractual rules for the supply of digital content, as it is key to tearing down the digital barriers of e-commerce. In order to make the EU's Digital Single Market truly single, my aim is now to pursue this path for the proposal on contract rules on the sale of tangible goods", said Pascal Arimont MEP, the EPP Group’s Rapporteur for the Report on contracts for the sales of goods (to be voted on at a later stage), and part of the EPP Group’s negotiating team for the digital contracts package.

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