Views expressed here are the views of the national delegation and do not always reflect the views of the Group as a whole
Views expressed here are the views of the national delegation and do not always reflect the views of the Group as a whole

Press releases

05.07.2018 - 12:33

Free Interrail passes on track for the next 2 years

“We want to continue the programme that we initiated in 2018 and which has already distributed 15,000 travel passes to young people. Our goal is to give all 18 year-old Europeans the chance to...
Financial Pie Chart - Euro
30.05.2018 - 13:22

MFF: what kind of EU does the Council want

“We cannot breach the principle of solidarity. We are concerned that the European Commission’s proposal weakens the main EU solidarity policies. Nobody can explain a 45% cut in the...
EIN Riga
22.05.2018 - 09:24

Lech Wałęsa to receive merit award from EIN in Riga

The annual gathering of the European Ideas Network (EIN) will take place in Riga, Latvia, from 23 to 25 May with European politicians, academics, policy-makers and opinion-shapers debating the most...
Business Data Analyzing
02.05.2018 - 15:18

MFF: a good starting point for discussion

"The money that is being used in the EU budget is money well-invested. It is about investing in the future, about showing solidarity, about shaping a good future for young Europeans. The...



Cláudia Monteiro De Aguiar MEP
06.03.2018 - 09:34

Cláudia Monteiro De Aguiar promove visita de trabalho em Bruxelas

Durante os dias 5 a 7 de Março, a Eurodeputada do PSD Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar promove um conjunto de reuniões entre os Parlamentares da Assembleia Legislativa Regional e da...
Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar MEP
01.03.2018 - 11:16

Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar reúne com o novo Secretário-Geral da OMT em Bruxelas

A Eurodeputada Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar reuniu ontem, em Bruxelas, com o Secretário-Geral da Organização Mundial de Turismo, Zurab Pololikashvili, onde abordou os...
Sofia Ribeiro MEP
01.03.2018 - 11:11

POSEI Pescas aprovado em relatório da Comissão dos Orçamentos do Parlamento Europeu

Sofia Ribeiro viu a Comissão dos Orçamentos do Parlamento Europeu, responsável máxima pela posição do Parlamento Europeu sobre o próximo Quadro...
Working with virtual screen
20.02.2018 - 18:48

Sofia Ribeiro aborda desafios da automação

Sofia Ribeiro alertou, esta segunda-feira, 19 de fevereiro, para a existência de três desafios sociais relativos ao mercado de trabalho, que se colocam no contexto da digitalizaç...


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Highlights of the week


European Council conclusions

The Chairman will take the floor during the key debate on the conclusions of the last European Council meeting. On 29 April, the EU Heads of State...

Portability of online content services

MEPs will discuss the agreement with the Council regarding a Regulation on the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal...

Leaking VAT system must be fixed

The Report on the protection of the EU's financial interests (PIF Report) from the year 2015 will be voted on on Tuesday in plenary. Parliament...