EU authorisation procedure for pesticides


The special committee on the authorisation procedure for pesticides (PEST) was set up largely because the recent Monsanto scandal questioned the transparency and reliability of the scientific studies used by the European Food Safety Authority EFSA. The committee will have 30 Members and a mandate of 9 months. Its purpose is to check the potential failures in the evaluation and authorisation procedure of substances and examine the role of the European Commission in renewing the glyphosate licence. The EPP Group was in favour of the establishment of the committee, as we want to make sure the authorisation procedures hold up to scrutiny. However, through engaging in the work of the PEST Committee, the EPP Group will make sure that Parliament does not undermine the value and authority of scientific institutions. The EPP Group will not let farmers down; we want to provide them with certainty, since they rely on legal, safe and reliable pesticides.


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