08.06.2016 - 20:16
We regret to note that the Minsk Agreements have not been implemented by the initial deadline. The ceasefire remains very fragile, when it remains at all. Violations take place almost daily, with high numbers of incidents involving the use of heavy...
08.06.2016 - 17:45
Laura and Liz. Two young ladies working hard under the EPP Group’s traineeship programme. They have been with the Group for five months, between January and June 2016, and are both about to venture into the big wide world. We listened in on...
US - EU flag
07.06.2016 - 16:03
Roughly 5000 European small and medium-sized businesses send personal data about European citizens to the US as part of their business model. It could be names, addresses, pictures, bank accounts and similar kind of data. Very often these transfers...
A fair food chain for all
03.06.2016 - 12:31
In school yards and football fields we know what fair play means, but when it comes to business it’s not that easy anymore. How to tackle unfair trading practises (UTPs) is a burning question, especially for food producers who stumble over the...
Anti-Semitism dictionary definition
02.06.2016 - 11:28
The Chair and the Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with the State of Israel strongly condemn the recent declaration by Martina Anderson MEP The Chair and the Vice-Chair of the European Parliament Delegation...
Villa Salviati in Florence
01.06.2016 - 11:15
The Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) in the European Parliament has created a programme of grants for researchers interested in the history, role and impact of Christian Democracy on the process of European integration...
Happy family with child and shopping bags in city
31.05.2016 - 14:48
A child's best interests should always come first in cross-border EU cases regarding custody, familial breakdown or other child welfare issues, according to EPP Group Members of the Committee on Petitions. Protecting the best interests of the...
24.05.2016 - 11:30
Hardly a week goes by without news of a terrorist atrocity that has been averted or, worse, committed. In Arab countries such as Yemen, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Afghanistan, and Kuwait there are fundamentalist attacks...
20.05.2016 - 10:35
Can we boost innovation through regulation? Although it sounds oxymoronic, the answer is yes. While regulators cannot create innovation themselves, they can definitely help by creating an enabling environment, where innovative ideas can thrive and...
two police officers doing a traffic control
11.05.2016 - 13:32
Europe is a Union of security - we have to do everything to ensure the safety of people.  But it is clear that more security requires more cooperation. This is why we are now significantly strengthening Europol, our agency for fighting...
Flowers and car
04.05.2016 - 18:45
The EPP Group is united and ready to play its role in negotiations on the reform of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). It therefore adopted its priorities for ETS reform today and has put a plan on the table that will serve the...
Nord Stream2
02.05.2016 - 11:56
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will jeopardise the EU’s foreign and security goals and increase dependence on Russia's Gazprom. Our Chairman Manfred Weber, in a letter to German Economy Minister Gabriel and EU Energy Commissioner Cañ...
28.04.2016 - 09:39
Money is a repository of value and, in a strange way, it is already a virtual concept.  If we look back to the origins of money, the first coins and tokens had an intrinsic value that was universally accepted.  This was often a particular...
Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter
26.04.2016 - 15:39
Our members Ivo Belet, Augustín Díaz de Mera García-Consuegra, Karl-Heinz Florenz and Viviane Reding MEPs visited the Azraq refugee camp, the second-largest refugee camp in Jordan, that is currently home to more than 39 000...
Shrimp Boat
19.04.2016 - 18:33
The European Parliament today approved a report by MEP Gabriel Mato that sets artisanal and sustainable fisheries apart when deciding on catch quotas for Bluefin tuna in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Today’s adoption of this...


Highlights of the week

22.05.2018 - 25.05.2018
Riga, Latvia

Discussing the European way of life in Riga

European politicians, academics, policy-makers and opinion-shapers will gather in Riga, Latvia, from 23-25 May at the annual conference of the...

Mark Zuckerberg to meet EP leaders

An extraordinary meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, will take place on Tuesday in the European Parliament. The...
High angle view of traffic on highway

Road charges: fair charging for better roads

The Transport and Tourism Committee will vote on Thursday morning on the phasing-out of the Eurovignette for heavy duty vehicles and vans....
Clément Legrand