Every challenge is an opportunity - like the reform of the CAP

Giovanni LA VIA
24.02.2014 - 10:30
Believe in People campaign Giovanni La Via

My life as an entrepreneur taught me to believe in people, to appreciate their worth, to seize opportunities and use them to their full potential.

Encouraged by my father, I started working on our family farm and, later on, I had the chance to buy a small piece of land for myself. On that day I was very enthusiastic because I could start doing something that I really loved for myself.

Perseverance is key to dreams coming true - and having an impact on society

Being an entrepreneur means understanding how difficult it can be to succeed and proving yourself every day by meeting a new challenge. It means constantly facing competition with other enterprises, developing ideas and caring about quality.

In politics, as in everyday life, perseverance is the key. We must trust in our work to obtain results and we must also commit to our goals so that our dreams can become true - and have a real impact on our society. Giovanni La Via MEP

In politics as well, perseverance is the key. We must trust in our work to obtain results and we must also commit to our goals so that our dreams can become true - and have a real impact on our society.

A fairer CAP helping to create new jobs

When looking back at my last five years in the European Parliament, I see that working here was so intense but at the same time rewarding - especially when looking back at what we succeeded in achieving for our citizens.

If I had to pick a really amazing moment in the last few years, it would have to be the successful reform of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). The CAP is one the EU's major policies, representing about 40% of the European budget. I was designated as one out of 3 Rapporteurs - those in charge of authoring Parliament's positions on any topic - of the CAP reform. Tough and complex work led to a new European agricultural system for the next decades.

For the next seven years more than 373.2 billion Euro is foreseen to support farmers and secure stable food supply. The new CAP reform helps to create new jobs

We made sure that European farmers have a safe future, get fairer conditions, respect environmental rules and will continue to be able to provide 500 million EU consumers with high-quality foodstuff at affordable prices. For the next seven years, more than 373.2 billion Euro has been put aside to support farmers and secure a stable food supply. The new CAP reform also helps to create new jobs.

Supporting entrepreneurship of young farmers

The EPP Group has also succeeded in introducing new rules giving young farmers more support. In all Member States, young farmers will benefit from a 25% aid supplement during the first 5 years of their new business.

I am happy that, with my colleagues and the two other European Institutions involved, we managed to improve our agriculture policy and to make life easier for the farmers.

We, in the EPP Group, strongly believe in a growing Europe and its ability to create new opportunities for our citizens and for youth in particular.

We know that this is still not enough. That is why for the coming years the EPP Group will focus even more strongly on creating jobs, growth and entrepreneurship.

The EPP Group stands for freedom, for solidarity, for jobs, for us. Every crisis is a challenge. Together we can overcome everything and make dreams come true.

We believe in people. #believeinpeople @giovannilavia


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