Evaluation and authorisation of pesticides needs to hold up to scrutiny

21.02.2018 - 18:14
Combines harvesting wheat

After the controversy surrounding the renewal of the use of glyphosate in farming, the European Parliament has set up a Special Committee to investigate potential failures in the evaluation and authorisation procedures for pesticides and, if necessary, propose improvements.

Pragmatism, not dogmatism

We have ensured that the work of the committee focuses on making sure that the procedures that the EU has in place hold up to scrutiny when it comes to protecting public health, but also that the European Parliament does not make the mistake of allowing the politics of the day to undermine the authority of the scientific institutions we rely on to evaluate health threats.

We are in favour of pragmatic rather than dogmatic solutions – our duty is also to provide certainty to European farmers and find economically viable alternatives to currently-used pesticides.

The work of the EPP Group in the Pesticides Committee, which will have 30 members and will last for 9 months, will be spearheaded by Angelique Delahaye and Norbert Lins.

Delahaye has set out her views on the newly-created committee (in French).


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