Elderly people deserve our utmost attention

Eduard KUKAN
09.09.2015 - 15:08
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The Plenary of the European Parliament has adopted a Report by Slovakian EPP Group MEP Eduard Kukan on the assessment of the 2012 European Year for Active Ageing. Active ageing and inter-generational solidarity are important topics linked to Europe’s demographic changes.

In his Report, Eduard Kukan highlights the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations with the specific objectives of raising general awareness, exchanging information and developing mutual learning and a framework for commitment and concrete action. One of the main objectives was also to combat age discrimination, overcome age-related stereotypes and remove barriers.

Older citizens deserve to live a full life. Eduard Kukan MEP

Kukan commented: "Older citizens are an added value to their families, peers, communities and nations. They deserve to live a full life even in their late years. The goal of my Report was not only to objectively assess the 2012 European Year, but also to prepare concrete recommendations to eliminate age discrimination. We are concerned about unemployment in the over 50s age group, and we strongly support the development of a Silver Economy.”

The Report claims that overall, the objectives of the 2012 European Year were reached, however regrets that it was underfunded. “Nevertheless, in certain countries, comprehensive strategies and plans were adopted, while in others, there was output at the level of concept papers, charters, and legislation covering specific issues or projects”, concluded Kukan.

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