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Tunne Kelam: "Communism in power was everywhere based on two pillars - violence and lies" Plenary speech 15 November 2017

15.11.2017 - 18:16
Barbed wire

1.    Each tree should be assessed by its fruits.   100 years of communism in practice equals roughly 100 million victims.  This is more than victims of all other totalitarian regimes together.   

2.   Communism in power is a system that is based on two pillars - violence and lies.

From Marx and Lenin, all ruling communist leaders have advocated and practiced only one way of action - total liquidation of their real or supposed adversaries by systematic violence. 

Since their 1917 coup, Bolsheviks could keep their power exclusively through regular terror.  During the first two years of their rule, 300,000 political executions were carried out; already in 1920, one hundred concentrations camps for political enemies were functioning from where 13 years later new Nazi leaders borrowed the best practices of Soviet repression experience.

-  In 1930s, 20 million of people were arrested and at least 7 million executed.  Yearly quota for executions in 1937 was set at 356,000. The integral part of Soviet economy was extensive use of slave labour.

3.   Soviet communist rulers were in permanent state of war - mainly against their own nation but at the same time against the rest of the world. Their strategic goal was domination of the whole world.   

4.  The most terrible and lasting result of communism was moral and cultural devastation -  hundreds of millions of people deprived of their diginity, identity, initiative, responsibility, loyalty,  having been intimidated and traumatized. All this equals to massive and systematic crimes against humanity

5.  Today’s main problem is inequality of victims - those who suffered under communist terror have not yet internationally binding guarantee - „Never Again“.

It is high time to unite ourselves in equal respect and solidarity with victims of all terrorist regimes and around the commitment to judge all these dictatorships on the basis of their horrible systematic crimes against humanity, disregarding the false promises of their programs.

Best way to achieve this is to implement by all member states the initiative of the European Parliament from 2009 to commemorate 23 August as a memorial day of the victims of all totalitarian systems.

Only in this way can we look confidently forward to the building of our common future. 

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