Country: Belgium
  • BRU:
    ASP 08F356 (Altiero Spinelli)
    Parlement européen
    60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
    B-1047 Bruxelles / Brussel
    Phone: +32 (0)2 2845623
    Fax:+32 (0)2 2849623
  • STR:
    LOW T09057 (Louise Weiss)
    Parlement européen
    Allée du Printemps
    BP 1024/F
    F-67070 Strasbourg cedex
    Phone: +33 (0)3 88 175623
    Fax:+33 (0)3 88 179623
My Positions in Parliament:
  • Member - Christen-Democratisch & Vlaams
  • Member - Terrorism
  • Member - EPP Group Bureau
  • Member - EPP Group Heads of National Delegation
  • Member - India
  • Member - Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • Substitute - United States
  • Substitute - NATO
  • Substitute - Security and Defence
  • Substitute - Transport and Tourism

Curriculum vitae

Born in 1959. Flanders. Graduated in German Philology at the University of Leuven and economics at the University of Hasselt. Trainee and assistant at the European Parliament and the European Commission (1983-1985). Editor at Concentra (1985-1989). Journalist at VRT (1989-2004). MEP since 2004.



Climate change
02.02.2018 - 12:00

ETS: the EU’s flagship climate tool

The ETS reform creates a fund to help the EU’s poorest members to upgrade their energy systems. This in turn creates jobs and promotes innovation, a clear priority for the EPP Group. The EU is taking further steps towards achieving the...
glass globe in hand
21.11.2017 - 10:20

Exploring local options to fight climate change

At the annual Herman Van Rompuy Lecture, held this year on 21 November at ‘Het BEL’, a new green building at the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels, keynote speaker Christiana Figueres, Vice-President of the Covenant of Mayors, will...
Climate change
06.02.2017 - 14:10

ETS reform: EU climate policy has to support job creation

In the coming months, the European Parliament and the Member States of the European Union will try to agree on a major reform of the Emissions Trading System (ETS) for 2021-2030. ETS is the most important instrument we have to keep global warming...


Press releases

World glove on The field
06.02.2018 - 11:57

ETS reform crucial for transition to low-carbon economy

The reform of the Emissions Trading System (ETS) will be crucial to achieve the EU’s CO2 reduction goals. It creates a Modernisation Fund to help the EU’s Central European Member States...
Climate change
09.11.2017 - 08:08

CO2 emissions: EU finalises ETS reform

The EU has taken an important step forward in its efforts to achieve the Paris climate goals. Late last night, representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of...
Brexit Direction Sign
03.10.2017 - 12:24

Brexit - Europees Parlement houdt voet bij stuk

Een resolutie waarmee het Europees Parlement de druk op de Britse Brexit-onderhandelaars verhoogt, is met een grote meerderheid goedgekeurd. De resolutie is een gezamenlijk initiatief van de EVP, S...



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