Adina-Ioana VĂLEAN

Country: Romania
  • BRU:
    ASP 13E102 (Altiero Spinelli)
    Parlement européen
    60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
    B-1047 Bruxelles / Brussel
    Phone: +32 (0)2 2845861
    Fax:+32 (0)2 2849861
  • STR:
    LOW T06029 (Louise Weiss)
    Parlement européen
    Allée du Printemps
    BP 1024/F
    F-67070 Strasbourg cedex
    Phone: +33 (0)3 88 175861
    Fax:+33 (0)3 88 179861
My Positions in Parliament:
  • Chair - Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • Member - EPP Group Heads of National Delegation
  • Member - EPP Group Bureau
  • Member - Partidul Naţional Liberal
  • Member - Conference of Committee Chairs
  • Member - United States
  • Substitute - EEA/EFTA and the North

Curriculum vitae

Adina Valean has a Master's Degree in European Integration and Security Studies, postgraduate studies in National Security and Defence Management and a degree in mathematics. She started her professional career as a maths teacher in Bucharest. Before becoming a politician, she was a social activist, member of several foundations and associations promoting tolerance, dialogue and a liberal economic market.

Adina Valean is a member of the Romanian National Liberal Party and was a Member of the Romanian Parliament from 2004 to 2006. Her activities focused on market and labour issues. She was also Secretary-General of the National Liberal Party's youth wing and Secretary of the National Liberal Party Committee on business, privatisation and competition policy.

As an MEP, she was Rapporteur on the Connecting Europe Facility, a financing instrument which will fund €33.2 billion worth of investment to improve Europe's transport, energy and digital networks. Furthermore, as Rapporteur on the 2009 Roaming Regulation and Shadow on the subsequent dossiers, she kick-started the gradual plunge in roaming charges inside the EU, charges that will finally be eliminated in 2015.

MEP since 2007.



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