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"Export controls on dual-use items must be strict and proportionate. In the vote today, we are focusing on stricter control for the goods with...


"We need to protect our European industry. The jobs of hundreds of people are being endangered due to unfair trading practices. We won’t...

Donald  Tusk

"The EPP supports the re-election of Donald Tusk as President of the European Council. Over the last two and a half years, Donald Tusk has done...


"Trade policy is back on track. We have managed to work out the most advanced, ambitious and up-to-date trade agreement between the EU and...



Tarptautinės prekybos komitetas atsakingas už sritis, susijusias su Sąjungos bendra prekybos politika ir jos išorės ekonominiais santykiais. Pagrindiniai jo uždaviniai – spręsti ES finansinius, ekonominius ir prekybos santykius su trečiosiomis šalimis ir regioninėmis organizacijomis, tame tarpe ir priimti sprendimus, ar pritarti tarptautiniams susitarimams, taip pat kuruoja klausimus, susijusius su techninio derinimo ar standartizacijos priemonėmis srityse, kurias apima tarptautinės teisės dokumentai.


EU and Ukraine
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-06-13 13:32

More money for Ukraine under strict conditions

The European Parliament has approved the disbursement of a further €1 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine to help the country cover part of its external financing needs and to provide...
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-05-30 13:21

New anti-dumping laws tackle unfair trade more effectively

"To safeguard the free and rules-based trading system we stand for, we have amended the current anti-dumping and anti-subsidies regulations to become more suitable to today's global trading...
Photo of EU-US map
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-05-28 20:03

Foreign investment: EPP Group protects EU companies

The EU is about to put in place a mechanism to screen foreign investments. “Almost all EU partner countries already have a filtering mechanism. If the EU wants to maintain a favourable...
Industrial Laborer
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-03-14 12:02

Trade: let's talk about the actual problem - China

"We are united as Europeans and want to take a united stance when it comes to addressing US tariffs and customs duties on steel and aluminium. The trade measures taken by the US against the EU...
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-01-17 12:21

EP aims to stop misuse of exported European dual-use tech

"Export controls on dual-use items must be strict and proportionate. In the vote today, we are focusing on stricter control for the goods with the largest human rights risks while making it...
Pranešimas spaudai
2017-12-06 08:40

EP agrees major overhaul of trade defence instruments

A political agreement has been reached on the modernisation of the EU’s trade defence instruments. The agreement amends current anti-dumping and anti-subsidies regulations to prevent unfair...