Pramonė, moksliniai tyrimai ir energetika

Anaconda, polish helicopters

“It is high time that the European Union steps up its game on defence and develops a truly common approach. Member States are used to working...

Fiber Optic cables

“The roll out of very fast fibre networks in the EU Member States is crucial for delivering better and faster internet and 5G mobile networks...

EUROCORPS' soldiers do a military simulation on the ground with chariot, trucks, guns, weapons and some wounded soldiers

“We have taken a first and very important step to increase cooperation in the defence industry and strengthen the competitiveness of the EU...

Real Estate Market

The European Parliament has confirmed the agreement with the Council on a revised Directive for Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD). “A...



Pramonės, mokslinių tyrimų ir energetikos komitetas atsakingas už Sąjungos pramonės politiką ir naujų technologijų, tarp kurių su MVĮ susijusios priemonės, taikymas, Sąjungos mokslinių tyrimų politika, mokslinių tyrimų išvadų platinimas ir panaudojimas, Bendrijos priemonės naudojamos energetikos politikos įgyvendinimui, saugus energijos tiekimas ir efektyvus energijos vartojimas, transeuropinių tinklų energetikos infrastruktūros sektoriuje tiesimas ir vystymas, ir informacinė visuomenė ir informacinės technologijos, įskaitant transeuropinių tinklų tiesimą ir vystymą telekomunikacijų infrastruktūros sektoriuje.


Hacker stealing data from a laptop
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-07-10 10:52

Making your smart devices secure on the internet

"Today's vote is a very important step towards a long-term vision of improving cybersecurity in the European Union. It will increase consumers’ trust in internet-connected products and...
Statistics, Finance, Stock Exchange and Accounting
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-06-20 08:58

The deal will give us a modern and flexible Energy Union

“We managed to strike a good deal which will put the EU on track towards realising the Energy Union and building the European energy markets on competition and market-based price formation,...
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-06-19 20:47

Sensible agreement on energy efficiency

“The agreement to aim for an EU-wide non-binding energy savings goal of 32.5 percent by 2030 is very ambitious and will take a lot of effort to achieve”, said Markus Pieper, Member of the...
Anaconda, polish helicopters
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-06-19 10:11

A long-overdue €500 million upgrade of EU defence

“It is high time that the European Union steps up its game on defence and develops a truly common approach. Member States are used to working together on a country-by-country basis on defence...
Climate change
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-06-14 10:44

Renewables deal win for affordable, climate-friendly energy

"The agreement to boost renewables in the energy mix to 32 percent at EU level by 2030 will help us provide secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. While this will not include nationally...
Satellite In The Ray Of Light
Pranešimas spaudai
2018-06-07 13:19

Horizon: bigger research budget welcome but €120bn needed

“Today’s proposal on the EU research and innovation programme Horizon Europe, the successor to Horizon 2020, strikes the right tone. An increase in the budget to €100 billion is not...


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