Le opinioni espresse qui sono quelle della delegazione nazionale, che non riflettono sempre quelle del Gruppo nel suo insieme
Le opinioni espresse qui sono quelle della delegazione nazionale, che non riflettono sempre quelle del Gruppo nel suo insieme

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Persecuted Christians in the Middle East (2011)
11.09.2018 - 10:25

Sarvamaa: Unkarin hallitus vastuuseen arvojen loukkaamisesta

Europarlamentaarikko Petri Sarvamaan (kok., EPP) mukaan Unkarin vuosia jatkunut huolestuttava takapakki kohti itsevaltaista yksipuoluejärjestelmää vaarantaa koko Euroopan tulevaisuuden...
11.09.2018 - 07:42

Kokoomusmepit: Unkari loukkaa yhteisiä arvoja

Euroopan parlamentti on kirjannut lukuisia huolenaiheita keskiviikkona äänestettävään mietintöesitykseen ja katsoo, että Unkarin viimeaikainen kehitys uhkaa loukata...
Illustration network
06.07.2018 - 13:05

Virkkunen pääneuvottelijaksi Verkkojen Eurooppa -ohjelmassa

Europarlamentaarikko Henna Virkkunen on valittu EU-parlamentin pääneuvottelijaksi Verkkojen Eurooppa -ohjelmassa. Ohjelmalla on esitetty rahoitettavaksi yli 42 miljardilla eurolla energia...
Gavel and european union flag
04.07.2018 - 08:12

Sarvamaa pääneuvottelijaksi oikeusvaltioperiaatteessa

Europarlamentaarikko Petri Sarvamaa (kok, EPP) on valittu parlamentin pääneuvottelijaksi oikeusvaltioperiaatteen toteutumista koskevassa EU-lainsäädäntöehdotuksessa....


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One euro coin among wheat grains
12.12.2016 - 12:00

Agriculture: fighting market price volatility effectively

Long winters, wet springs, hot summers: Europe's farmers have always been exposed to natural risks. In the past few years, macro-economic factors such as exchange rates, energy and fertiliser...
A fair food chain for all
03.06.2016 - 12:31

Fair trade for farmers

In school yards and football fields we know what fair play means, but when it comes to business it’s not that easy anymore. How to tackle unfair trading practises (UTPs) is a burning question,...
Happy young woman taking a selfie photo in Paris
08.07.2015 - 11:45

Copyright reform: freedom of panorama to remain national issue

Media reports about the freedom of panorama - a provision in copyright law that permits taking pictures, video footage or other images of buildings and sculptures or art works permanently located in...
Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP
09.04.2014 - 09:27

The only thing more expensive than health is losing it

eHealth offers an all-in-one solution - quality of life, savings and jobs all together! eHealth is one of the great developments of our time. Bringing new technology and new ways of thinking to...


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European Council conclusions

The Chairman will take the floor during the key debate on the conclusions of the last European Council meeting. On 29 April, the EU Heads of State...

Portability of online content services

MEPs will discuss the agreement with the Council regarding a Regulation on the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal...

Leaking VAT system must be fixed

The Report on the protection of the EU's financial interests (PIF Report) from the year 2015 will be voted on on Tuesday in plenary. Parliament...