Az itt kifejtettek a nemzeti delegáció álláspontja, amely nem minden esetben egyezik a frakció álláspontjával.
Az itt kifejtettek a nemzeti delegáció álláspontja, amely nem minden esetben egyezik a frakció álláspontjával.


Hand with remote control on the conditioner
2017.06.22 - 15:18

EPP Group further commits to fighting climate change

European Parliament to ratify an amendment which will extend the Montreal Protocol and ultimately reduce 70 billion CO2-equivalents by 2050 Today, the European Parliament’s Committee on...
token gesture
2017.06.21 - 15:31

Europass: popular CV system revamped

“With more than 60 million CVs, Europass is one of the most successful and cost-effective initiatives of the past ten years. It must be our main goal to support educational and working mobility...
Turkey & Europe flags
2017.06.20 - 9:43

Call for the suspension of Turkish EU accession talks

"A close and privileged relationship between the EU and Turkey is in the interest of both sides. But this can only be realised if it is based on human rights, the respect of the fundamental...
Helmut Kohl
2017.06.16 - 19:50

EPP Group mourning Helmut Kohl

"I am shaken and deeply saddened by the death of Helmut Kohl. Kohl shaped my political generation, he inspired us with his tireless work towards a united Germany and Europe living in peace and...



Smiling man at candy store display
2017.04.04 - 18:15

SME Circle: delivering tangible benefits for Europe's small businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 99% of all European companies. They are not only important for economic reasons, but also for social ones. Products and services that are...
Car in a factory
2017.03.24 - 11:01

State-influenced foreign investment: EU must be able to intervene

In the EU, it goes without saying that freedom of investment is a core principle. It seems normal for internal and foreign investors to acquire significant parts of a company in the EU - leading to...
Big Data
2017.02.09 - 10:47

Embracing Big Data - laying down the legal framework for a growing industry

It’s really useful to be able to check your mobile phone to see whether there’s traffic on the road before you leave home for work every morning. Especially if you work in a European city...
Euro bank notes in a briefcase
2017.02.07 - 14:16

EU fights 600 million euro annual fraud

The European Parliament has successfully concluded negotiations on legislation that will help fight fraud against the EU’s financial interests by means of criminal law. The Parliament thereby...


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  • Member - EPP Group Bureau
  • Coordinator - Környezetvédelem...
  • Elnök - Egyesült Államok
  • Elnök - Délkelet-Ázsia, ASEAN

A hét kiemelt hírei

European energy efficiency classification


Das EU-Energielabel ist ein bewährtes Instrument zur Verbraucherinformation. Käufer von Produkten wie Spülmaschinen, Waschmaschinen,...
The Dutch humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam

30. Jahre Erasmus

Der niederländische Humanist Erasmus von Rotterdam ist nicht sehr bekannt, obwohl er der Namensgeber des bekanntesten Austauschprogramms in...
Belgrade, Serbia

Fortschrittsbericht Serbien

Serbien ist auf EU-Kurs und leistet großen Beitrag zur Aussöhnung in der Region. Während die Wirtschaftsreformen gut laufen besteht...